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CMake plugin for vim

I got quite interested in vim plugins again after finding some superb plugins. Which lead me to the discovery of even more useful plugins. I fear i am unable to use anything else but vim for the rest of my days. If it does not have something like the Align plugin i do not consider it an editor anymore.

So to get up to date with the newest development in vim plugins i decided to do one myself. Which i now present.

Some of the plugins i newly discovered where

Integrated reference viewer.
Ultimate auto-completion system for Vim.
unite.vim Ultimate interface to unite all sources.

All of them claim to be easily expandable and pluggable. So i tried to test that with developing one cmake plugin that supports all three of them. And it turned out it is really easy. The plugin provides autocompletion for filetype cmake and a cmake reference in vim.

Find the new plugin vim-cmake at github.

Feedback welcome. I plan to improve the autocompletion in the next weeks. It currently does not provide any additional info to the keywords.

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